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What celebrity peers have to say about Kangana. Check out all praises received by Kangana Ranaut from legendary actors, directors, contemporaries & celebrities.


"Kangana has once again immortalized Rani Laxmibai who was lost in history books. Everybody has done a great job in the film, but Kangana has immortalized the character of Rani Laxmibai onscreen. Kangana was born to play Rani Laxmibai."  

Manoj Kumar - Dada Sahab Falke Awardee

"I am highly impressed by Kangana's performance and direction in Manikarnika. I personally called Kangana Ranaut to show me this movie, as I was very keen to watch it. First and foremost, she has done a remarkable job with direction, she has acted wonderfully, and she looks absolutely fabulous and beautiful. I am really happy and proud of her. God bless her and wish her all the best. 

Waheeda Rehman

"I really liked it, she has done a great job and worked really hard. I hope the picture runs for a very long time, and she looks very pretty with great work put into the film. She indeed looks like the Rani of Jhansi in the film."  

Asha Parekh - Dada Sahab Falke Awardee

"Two quick events... A marriage of associate daughter, and a birthday wish and house warming for Kangana Ranaut... There is a simplistic wisdom about her and her demeanour...(for Queen)"  

Amitabh Bachchan - Dada Sahab Falke Awardee

"Kangana Ranaut ji is a very beautiful, number one, and famous artist. She has won many awards, including National Awards and Filmfare Awards."  

Amitabh Bachchan

"If I had a daughter, she would be like Kangana."  


"Kangana is a remarkable self-made lady. She made it on her own terms, against all odds, in a male-dominated industry. She gives any actor, male or female, tough competition."

"Kangana commands respect and even remuneration that she’s worthy of. She’s a role model of woman's empowerment. "  

Shatrughan Sinha

"Most of the people I see, they speak against Kangana because from the inside they are very jealous of Kangana. Without our mercy, without our will, without joining our groups, or without any blessings from us, this girl has gone too far and achieved so much without any push of ours. They are irritated and jealous of her success and bravery."  

Shatrughan Sinha

"I doubt that most of the heroine from Bollywood would be able to speak that good Hindi. I heard this girl called Kangana Ranaut. I watched the 5-10 min of her interview. She was speaking Hindi and brought so much delight and happiness to my heart. There is a girl who is speaking and conversing in the same language as the national language of this country. We should encourage these kinds of people. "  

Annu Kapoor

"I have seen her double role in that film and I was convinced she belonged to the states where the story is set. I am a fan. That role must have required a lot of homework."  

Suresh Oberoi

" I saw Queen and I loved Kangana, she is so amazing she is like unbelievable!"  

Sri Devi

"Kangana is a fantastic actor! I will play the heroine in a film where Kangana Ranaut is a hero."  

Irrfan Khan

"This film is a cracker of a film. Kangana’s at her best. She is not just chatpati, she is chaat ki dukaan. It’s a celebration time for the whole team. 

Irrfan Khan

"I heard she is now becoming a director. I hope she will cast me in her film. The fact I like about her is the way she has made her place in the industry, and her career graph has been phenomenal. "  

Irrfan Khan


"Fashion, the film. A Young girl nervous, emotionally wrecked Drugged. Her name being announced on stage. She was, after all, a top model. It was one shot. Kangana transformed herself from a wreck to a Diva as she walked on the ramp. It was genius acting. Unforgettable!"  

Shekhar Kapur

"At the heart of everything that's going on, is your undeniable power as an actor. I can't forget that scene in Queen where you tried to dance with Cab driver in Paris. It was innocent funny, yes. But you brought in the beginnings of the transformation of the character so beautifully." 

Shekhar Kapur

"Kangana is an intelligent and hard-working actress. She has fine acting skills. I am wowed by her dedication and impressive acting, Rangoon unit also referred to Kangana as a 'one-take actor'."  

Vishal Bharadwaj

"Kangana is a very professional girl. Kangana was strong, even when the media was writing something or the other controversial about her every day and night. She would come for the shoot and once she was in front of the camera, she was totally into the character she was playing. She was absolutely professional, and not even one day has she asked to stop the shooting for the film."  

Vishal Bharadwaj

"I have seen Manikarnika and I liked it. Kangana’s performance has been quite superb. She is a thorough professional. Buoyed by the success, I believe more and more filmmakers will shell out bigger budgets for female-centric films."

Madhur Bhandarkar

"I never thought that Kangana will become so huge. She is a very fast learner. She wants to learn, so the hunger was always there from her very first film. She is a very ambitious girl and she knows where she is going. It's very difficult for an actress to carve a place in this industry. And especially for an outsider. She did it on her own."  

Anurag Basu

"Kangana is undervalued by our industry. She is immensely talented but has yet not touched the highest spot. But we'll see her there in a very short while,"

"She brings to the screen a lot of sensuality and glamour. She carries off even skimpy outfits and different kinds of looks. She is someone who has the body and the face to carry that."  

Milan Luthria

"Kangana Ranaut designed most of her looks herself, right down to makeup, hair, and accessories. I had given her the nickname ‘chameleon’ for her ability to adapt to any look and transform it on screen. 

Milan Luthria

"It is about time that we give credit to Kangana for coming up with a fantastic film. If the film is good, let’s appreciate it. Considering what all has happened to the film, I want to salute her for proving her mettle yet again with Manikarnika."

Mohit Suri

"Kangana surprises me every single day – Her dedication and her growth as an actress is spectacular. Kangana has always been fast in terms of her work. She is quick with her (costume) changes and make-up etc, and it helps when your main actor works on time."  

Aanand L Rai

"Once I had gone to narrate a script to Kangana, and I think she would make an amazing director. If I have to put my money on anyone, I would put it on her."

Sujoy Ghosh

"Kangana Ranaut se better actress India mein dusri Nahin, magic karti hai aur woh ladki."

Tigmanshu Dhulia

"Kangana is truly magical every time she appears on the silver screen. She is the best actress in the history of Indian cinema." In fact, when Kangana was compared with legendary actress Waheeda Rehman, Tigmanshu emphasised that "While Waheeda was a great actor, the Queen actress has carved a niche for herself as the range of roles and characters she has played so far are entirely different."

Tigmanshu Dhulia

"Kangana has proved out to be the best choice for the film. I don't think any other actress in the industry would have done this role because it's a non-glamorous and ugly-looking character. But Kangana has taken up the project. With her films like 'Tanu weds Manu' and 'Queen', Kangana has carved a niche in the male-dominated industry."  

Sai Kabir

"I think I am lucky that Kangana decided to do the film. If she had said no I wouldn't have made the film. The work she has done in the film its truly confirms the talent that she has. I feel lucky I became a part of her journey."  

Vikas Bahl

"Kangana is an actress who will go to any lengths for her character. She feels every character, she forgets that she is Kangana. She is a chameleon who merges into the colours of the character and that is an amazing talent to have, to be protected."  

Ashwiny Iyer Tiwary

"Kangana rocks. She is fantastic. It is difficult to decide on one character. She rocked completely. Even if there is a triple role, she will rock."  

Gauri Shinde

"I wish them all the best. I am sure it will do very well she is going to be a great host & I think she is absolutely right for doing this show because you need somebody strong , jo weekend pe aake band bajaaye!  

Faraah Khan

"Kangna is beyond brilliance! "  

Karan Johar

"She is the most wonderful collaborator that you can get. I had a great time working with her during 'Simran' I can't talk about others. I can talk about myself and I embrace her fearlessness. I am inspired by her intelligence, by her talent, her brilliance, and her success."

Hansal Mehta

"No words to describe Kangana Ranaut's virtuoso performance in Tanu Weds Manu Returns. You laugh, you cry and you live her double lives."

Hansal Mehta

" One must pay Kangana Ranaut to just watch her trailer. This girl my god.. the finest actor this country ever produced !"

Abhishek Kapoor (for Simran)

"Wow! Kangana Ranaut fucking swept me away with her sheer intensity in Manikarnika… Last I witnessed such fury and ferocity was only in Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon."

"All action heroes look like heroines in comparison to the greatest hero I ever saw on screen, Kangana Ranaut in Manikarnika "  

Ram Gopal Verma

Well Kangana, anyone with strong opinions is bound to provoke extreme reactions ..I must confess I felt yours a tall claim when u compared with Hollywood greats, but I now apologize and agree 100% that no other actress in the world has ever had your versatility."  

Ram Gopal Verma

I want to salute u for being so super duper special Thalaivi Trailer is just Mindblowing and I am sure Jayalalithaa must be thrilled in heaven."

"Believe it or not! Indira Gandhi is acting like Kangana Ranaut."

Ram Gopal Verma (Praising Thalaivi & Emergency)

"On 22nd May a Hero will be born. Her name is Kangana Ranaut."

Nikhil Advani

"Kangana ji lived in this character. The movie is all about Kangana ji and Jaya ji's life. She has done complete justice to the movie."

A L Vijay

"Everyone knows how good Kangana is as an actress. Her screen presence, performance and dialogue delivery as Jayalalithaa was amazing. To look like Amma, she took a lot of effort; she put on 17 kilos and had to reduce 15 kilos for a song."

A L Vijay


"It's sweet of Kangana to say nice things about me. In an age where earning the position of a leading lady in Bollywood is so challenging, she went on to shoulder a film without anyone's support. She is indeed a self-made actress."  

K V Vijayendra Prasad

"What role you have acted is a precursor and one day you are going to sit at the TOP chair."  

K V Vijayendra Prasad

"In this movie her name is Thalaivi & Thalaivi is leader. And I wish and I bless her in real life also One day She will become a leader and go to great heights."  

K V Vijayendra Prasad

"I think Kangana Ranaut as an actress, is exceptional. One of the best talents we’ve had in a long time, I’d say is Kangana. Though she has a long way to go, I really admire her work."  

Prasoon Joshi

"Working with Kangana in Manikarnika has been a memorable experience. I have always been an admirer of her. I believe she holds an eminent place amongst the evergreen talent of Bollywood."  

Prasoon Joshi

"I feel blessed that I know Kangana. I have said many a time, and today also I will say again that Kangana you are a national heritage of India. That daughter of Bharat whom history will always remember and celebrate."  

Manoj Muntashir 


" Kangana is a gutsy, wonderful, and self-made woman. I am actually her admirer and she is another Queen. "  

Ramya Krishnan

" I like Kangana, I think she is brilliant. She is a great performer and she carries herself a unique kind of personality I like that also. She looks very fragile but internally I think she is a very strong woman so I like strong women." 

Manisha Koirala 

" Kangana you are an outstanding actress, a crazy, fearless, volatile, genius girl! Many Many Congratulations! May you use your limitless creative potential in a positive direction!"

Juhi Chawla

" With the one who started it all! Kangana Ranaut got us out of our slumber and onto the airport catwalk."

Raveena Tandon

" Kangana is a very good actress. She can get into any role and get into the skin of the role. "  

Madhuri Dixit

The young breed of actors like Konkona, Vidya, and Kangana are extremely talented, chilled out and eager to learn. I see a part of me in them."  

Madhuri Dixit

" I find these two girls very intense Kangana and Alia." 

Meenakshi Sheshadri 

Kangana was fantastic in both roles. She was absolutely outstanding. I think I should learn from her acting."

Sonali Bendre

" I am so proud of Kangana . God bless her. It took courage to do what she did & singlehandedly made a brilliant film. I am really very proud of her. and I wish her all the very best."  

Sushmita Sen

" I think she is in a very different time than I was. She is pushing the envelope even more than I did. When I was pushing the envelope, it was a shocker. It was blasphemous and almost a suidice to do something like that. " 

Sushmita Sen

"OMG! Kangana Ranaut you are on Fire! You personify this title Dhaakad Looking fab.!"  

Shilpa Shetty

" I love Kangana, Alia, Tabu, Aamir Ranveer, and Raj Kumar Rao. "  

Priety Zinta

"I do feel that in Kangana, I see a person who just goes with her heart she does what she believes in. You know that's the mark of a real creative person. Who is passionate about what he or she's doing!"

Aamir Khan


"I have the greatest admiration for Kangana because she is standing up for herself."  

Vidya Balan

"I think Kangana does comedy the best among all of us today. I hope no one gets offended but I really love her comic timing. I think there's Sridevi and then there's Kangana."

Vidya Balan

"Kangana is unbelievable in the film. I always had a liking for Kangana. I remember watching Fashion and I think she was incredible in the film. I think she is an extremely bold and brave person and that is why she is like that in her films too. It is interesting to see the kind of work she is doing."  

Vidya Balan

" When she says she doesn't want to work with male superstar she really means it when she says that."  

Kareena Kapoor Khan

" It would be Kangana Ranaut for me. She is feisty and speaks her mind. It doesn't matter whether she is right or wrong. She has the guts to say it all."  

Kareena Kapoor Khan

" I appreciate actors like Kangana Ranaut, who bring problems to the forefront by talking about it in their interviews." 

Kareena Kapoor Khan

"I believe that she is one of the finest actresses and I love her. I am so fond of her. She is an astonishing actress and an intelligent woman. I have heard that Kangana's biopic is coming. I am excited to watch her biopic."  

Kareena Kapoor Khan

"Everyone is doing such wonderful work...I think Kangana is very inspirational. She is one actor who inspires me."  

Kareena Kapoor Khan

"Now you see actors like Kangana Ranaut and Vidya Balan being able to helm the films on their shoulders. There was a time when people felt that it was insane to do that."  

Priyanka Chopra

" I appreciate Kangana for taking a stand. Many of us in the industry think about it but only a few can take a stand of not attending award functions. Also my favourite film this year was Queen apart from Mary Kom."  

Priyanka Chopra 

" Congratulations to Kangana Ranaut Such a well-deserved win! You r an undeniable powerhouse lady!! Much love always.."  

Priyanka Chopra

" It is painted by Kangana Ranaut's performance."  

Deepika Padukone (Praising Panga)

" I have seen Queen and I am jealous of Kangana's performance, I think she was outstanding in the movie and she truly truly deserves not just this award but I think every award that any actress receiving this year. I think all the awards should go to her."  

Deepika Padukone

" The fact that I was nominated was more than enough for me. Kangana Ranaut gave a far more mature performance in Queen. Her role was far more resonant than mine. If I was a jury member, I’d give her the award."  

Sonam Kapoor

" I really admire Kangana’s journey in cinema. Clearly, she is making her own rules & is dancing to her own tunes. "  

Shraddha Kapoor

" I don't necessarily work in Bollywood but I can give you my spectator view when it comes to Indian films. With Priyanka doing a 'Mary Kom' or Kangana doing 'Queen', I definitely feel it is a positive sign. They are changing the rules. I think it is great to see more female protagonists taking the lead in films."  

Freida Pinto

" Kangana Ranaut the friekin queen of our hearts.. my favourite hero."  

Samantha Ruth

"Outstanding! Kangana Ranaut You are the bravest, most daring, and indisputably the most talented actress of our generation ."

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

" Would like to do a chick flick with Kangana Ranaut."  

Anushka Sharma

"Kangana is someone who has never followed rules and she has her own mind. She says what she feels, she is different and she is mistaken sometimes."  

Kriti Sanon

" Kangana is one of the most stylish actresses in the Hindi film industry. Kangana and Neha Dhupia have a great sense of style."  

Kalki Koechlin

" If I had to make out with a female actor, it’d be Kangana Ranaut."  

Kalki Koechlin

" I need Kangana’s guts. We were together at PM Modi’s function and we had a great chat. Honestly, I really look up to that girl."  

Jacqueline Fernandez

" Such an inspiration, and the rare ability to just purely entertain! Uff loved Kangna in TWMR.. Wohoooo to girl power;) superb! "  

Alia Bhatt

" She is a brilliant actress. People might like her or not like her but nobody can disagree with the fact that she is a brilliant actress. "  

Taapsee Pannu

" Thank you so much Kangana for pushing the boundaries. The benchmark of your performances just keeps going higher every year."  

Taapsee Pannu

" You are a powerful force that keeps delivering brilliant performances back to back!"  

Mrunal Thakur

" She is a brilliant actress. No one can touch Kangana as an actress, I admire her work."  

Tamannaah Bhatia

" I am a huge fan of Kangana Ranaut, not only for her acting. Everybody knows she is a proficient actor. As a woman, she has worked on herself and turned out to be an inspiration for a lot of women. Even in terms of fashion, the way she carries herself is amazing."  

Tamannaah Bhatia

"Thank you, Kangana (for A Thursday). Means a lot, especially when it comes from one self-made actor to another."

Yami Gautam

" I look up to actors Kangana Ranaut and Vidya Balan, who do amazing work. "  

Prachi Desai

"I really admire and look up to Kangana for her style."  

Aditi Rao Hydari

"I am a Kangana Ranaut Fan!"  

Esha Gupta

"I think Kangana has an amazing style.  "  

Sunny Leone

"Kangana and Vidya Balan have done a lot to spearhead change. The criterion to pick a project is different now from what it was earlier. Today’s actresses are very disciplined and they know how to go about their careers."  

Isha Deol

"Gone are the days when all that was expected of the heroine was to wear a saree and dance in the mountains. I look up to actors like Kangana and Vidya Balan."  

Radhika Madan

I find Kangana's sense of style amazing. I think wherever she goes she looks like a diva, a star! She wears everything from Indian to whatever. She also wears a lot of lovely saris, and I love saris. I think I would raid her wardrobe."

Fatima Sana Shaikh

" Kangana Ranaut is so brilliant and a wonderful actor, so a compliment coming from her is a boost for me."  

Sanya Malhotra

"Kangana has achieved everything on the basis of her talent and without any support whatsoever. And being an upcoming actor, for me, Kangana Ranaut is a role model as she has inspired me."  

Tara Sutaria

"I’m thankful to Kangana Ranaut for appreciating me. I have been a fan of her work. It’s a huge huge compliment when it comes from someone like her. 

Kartik Aaryan

"If North Cine Industry Has Kangana Ranaut 

We South Cine Industry Has Keerthy Suresh."  


"Dear Kangana, hats off to your guts, you have never thought twice to voice out what is right and what is wrong. Kudos to you, I bow to you."

Vishal Krishna Reddy

"Just walked out of the screening of Tamu Weds Manu 2. This is surely one of the best films I have seen in the last decade. Kangana Ranaut is simply brilliant. She makes you fall in love with her over and over again. Needless to say ... I AM IN LOVE. One of the finest Double roles played by an actor. She is a competition to herself. "  

Neil Nitin Mukesh

"How does she multitask so much. I appreciate her multitasking. She is an all-rounder in the field. One thing I really like about her is that after being achieved so much in Life... In order to reinvent herself.. she did go to an acting school (NewYork Academy). She also learned direction. She made a very good hats off to her. I know her struggle. Her graph as an actor going is so good. "  

Neil Nitin Mukesh

"After This film TWMR, I am deeply in love with Kangana Ranaut, I feel she is outstanding. She is one of the finest actors we have and what a role! She is one of the strongest Heroes we have. Trust me this isn't n easy character. She has done with such ease & She is Outstanding! "  

Neil Nitin Mukesh

"Actually! I am a Kangana Fan, I loved all her films and especially Queen, She was fantastic in Queen..!"

Arjan Bajwa

"Kangana Ranaut deserves the National Award, she's brilliant !"

Vidyut Jamwal

"Kangana's film Dhaakad has come. When I saw it, I felt very proud that there's a girl who's genuinely doing something spectacular. I felt, there was a feeling of pride."

Vidyut Jamwal


"Kangana is a complete challenge to work with and can quickly transform more than the character that is written on the script. For the sake of the film and your own sake, you can’t treat her like most of the other actresses and you need to ensure that you don’t drop it when she has really pitched it up for you."  

R Madhavan

"Kangana in my opinion is extremely educated. There is a difference between being educated and academics. I may be able to express myself in English that may give you an impression that I am educated."  

R Madhavan

"I am a small-town girl and that’s why I feel Kangana is so normal, as a person. I look up to Kangana and want to be like her. Somebody comes from the small town and makes it big is a feeling I share with her."  

Ankita Lokhande

"It was fun working with #KanganaRanaut because she is a fantastic artist, who puts a lot into her performances. Even on the set of 'Thalaivi', she is extremely respectful, and greeted me as soon as she reached the set."  


"All credit goes to Kangana Ranaut and the amazing team of Manikarnika Films. Kangana is a fantastic director. "

Satish Kaushik

"Kangana’s simplicity was almost inspirational. I used to observe her on sets to track what kind of preparation would she do, how she would  approach. She wouldn’t do a thing and deliver so perfectly still. It was sheer delight working with her. "

Piyush Mishra

" Kangana Ranaut is simply amazing & brilliant at her job. She has given some of the finest performances in the past few years. As a person too I like her a lot. She is really a sweet person."  

Nawazuddin Siddique

" She is natural. She comes prepared. She knows which camera to look at, the angle the director wants, and her lines too. She usually needs only one take and we have a perfect shot. I didn’t know how I could keep up with her."  

Megha Burman

"You are really exceptional and brilliant! "  

Anupam Kher

"I recently did a schedule with Kangana and she is a brilliant director. She would whisper suggestions in my ear that would just leave me mesmerized."  

Anupam Kher

" It is inspiring to be working with great actors like her!"  

Divya Dutta

" Working with Kangana is an experience because she wears so many hats with such great ease. She is confident and she gives me a lot of confidence. I get a lot of strength looking at her and the way she functions. I am very proud to be working with her."

Mahima Chaudhry

It was a great experience working with her. I have met her before and I feel as an actress, she is very hardworking and she gets very involved in her work."

Sohum Shah

"I really enjoyed working with Kangana and I got to learn a lot from her. She was very calm on the sets and was in control of herself. I got into meditation because of her and that’s when I realized that when you do meditation half of an actor’s problem is resolved already as it helps an actor to relax which gets half the job done. Secondly, she mixes her intuition and craft perfectly which is very important for an actor. So, these were the two things that I learned from working with her."

Sohum Shah

"She is a fantastic actress, there is no doubt about it. I have seen “Queen” and I have loved her work in it."

Emran Hashmi

"There were scenes in the film that were so intense, yet Kangana did a brilliant job with them. She is extremely professional and a wonderful girl. Her role in the film is a crucial one. "

John Abraham

Kangana is not just a wonderful actress but is so hardworking that she pushes her co-stars to improve their own craft. She works so hard on her character and craft that I cannot disrespect her. In the process of working with her, my opinion about her has become much better."

Imran Khan

You are undoubtedly one of the most talented and versatile actresses of our country but you are an equally good actor’s director. "

Shreyas Talpade

" I share a very good professional relationship with Kangana ma'am. I was actually a fan of hers ever since I started acting I even told her I was like ‘Mam you’re one of my biggest inspirations.’ She is one of the nicest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of working within the industry."

Amyra Dastur

" My equation with Kangana is that of warmth and friendliness. I enjoyed working with her."

Saif Ali Khan

" Kangana is a thinking actor and takes every character of hers very seriously. He went on to say that Kangana Ranaut is a fearless actor."

Rajkummar Rao

"Kangana as a director is detailed, specific, and pertinent...clear in pursuit of excellence!"

Richard Keep


" Thank You! Kangana Ranaut for Supporting an Indian concept and homegrown apps for your launch and doing a fantastic job!  "  

Ekta Kapoor

"An actor par excellence. A league of her own Kangana is probably one of the few actors who not only gets into the skin of the character but takes the effort to physically transform herself with every role she plays. At no point do you feel this is not Jaya herself. So happy my friend to know an actor like you. "  

Ekta Kapoor

" You are the most deserving person Kangana Ranaut, great respect for your passion and dedication and there is no other like you, our Thalaivii ! "  

Brinda Prasad

"You haven't seen a woman warrior fight like this on Indian screens before. What Kangana has managed to do is commendable. She has done all the action herself, under the able guidance of Nick Powell. They have turned out to be really nice on screen. Today, there are some male actors who refuse to do their stunts themselves, but Kangana rode horses and did the sword scenes all by herself. I’m blessed to have someone like her as my leading lady "  

Kamal Jain

"Kangana is very attached to Manikarnika. She has given her heart and soul to the project. Once you see the film, you will know she’s done a phenomenal job. She’s delivered the vision that we envisaged."  

Kamal Jain

"All credit for Kangana’s resemblance to Jayalalithaa ji must go to Kangana. We wanted to use prosthetics, but she insisted on putting on weight and making the character as real as possible."  

Shaalaish R Singh


"I really like Kangana's style, no matter what she wears, she makes her statement & she is very very stylish."  

Jennifer Winget

"I would love to invite Kangana Ranaut for dinner. I would like to see from where she gets her determination and school of thought."

Mishal Raheja

"I looked up to her all my life. I used to tell in my interviews that I looked up to her and would want to be like her. I’m glad she has given me this opportunity and I hope I won’t let her down."  

Avneet Kaur

"Kangana is my inspiration and I love her very much. She is my role model."  

Anushka Sen

"I would love to do Kangana Ranaut's biopic. She's a very strong girl. She speaks the truth even if  the world goes against her."  

Tejaswi Prakash

" I want to play one of the characters of a very strong & Powerful woman from the industry like Ekta Kapoor & Kangana Ranaut."  

Rashami Desai

"Some women fear the fire, Some simply become it ! Swag se karo swagat …Queen Savage Rani Kangana Ranaut."  

Koena Mitra

"I’m a fan of Kangana Ranaut. I like her boldness, her entire idea of being upfront and speaking up. I respect that courage and I look forward to seeing her. 

Poonam Pandey

Kangana is a sweetheart and I really loved her hosting. She’s a very nice person. Sometimes you watch videos and you create an image in your head but not until you meet them you realize how nice they actually are."  

Sara Khan

" I really like Kangana. I think she's strong-headed. She has the courage to speak for whatever she believes in & she is not the kind of person who follows a crowd She forms her own opinion & stands by it."  

Nisha Rawal


"Kangana is a fantastic actress and I would love her to play me on screen. She is such a passionate actress and I myself want her to play my character because only a passionate person can depict the trials and tribulations I have faced to achieve all this in life."

"Kangana Is My Favourite !  

Arunima Sinha

"Kangana Ranaut is a very bold woman. She is from Pahad as well & she knows the life is there & how the upbringing is & how tough the girls are there. I really admire her."

Bachendri Pal

" I think Kangana Ranaut can portray me perfectly on screen, I like her as an actress."  

Dutee Chand

"I want Kangana Ranaut for my Biopic."

Anita Kundu

" Thanks a lot Kangana & wishing you all the luck for Tejas & Thalaivi.  Looking forward to watching them."  

Mithali Raj 

" I like Kangana Ranaut a lot and the way she speaks her mind without any fear. She has always spoken about women's empowerment and the nation's interest, and I like that quality about it. I like her personality and also our views are quite similar. 

Babita Phogat


" She has made a wonderful film on Ayodhaya. She made a film on the life of former CM Jayalalitha Ji. She made a wonderful film and did superb acting in it. I will watch her film after the election cause I have seen the shot which I saw. Nevertheless, She is a very brave lady. She conveys her thoughts very strongly."  

Hon'ble CM Yogi Adityanath

Padma Shri Kangana Ranaut Ji is a very skilled, capable, and patriotic artist of the country. I am happy that social issues are being raised prominently in the film."  

Hon'ble CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan

" Kangana is the daughter of Himachal Pradesh and a celebrity too. It’s our duty to give her security."  

Hon'ble CM Jairam Thakur

Emergency is a disgraced & dark chapter in a glorious & bright history. After 47 years, Kangana is doing work of filling this biggest gap in history. The making of a film on Emergency will be a new milestone in the successful life of Kangana Ranaut."

Former HP CM Shanta Kumar 


" For me, Kangana is that girl, she is talented. she is hardworking. She is beautiful and she is very confident. She speaks her mind, she does what she wants to and in all positivity, she does it so well. And she has achieved so much. For me, that's my bride."  

Manish Malhotra

" I find it really fascinating that she leads such an exuberant life, makes it to fashion pages every single day, the world following her, being Googled, making news as an actress... Yet at the same time, she has a quirky simplicity that stops people from slotting her. That is why she has the ability to become a sustainable star. "  

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

" I personally love Kangana Ranaut and think she is one woman who can bring to the fore, the character of every outfit."  

Neeta Lulla

" It is lovely working with her. She is someone who gets into the character. She is always trying out different things (referring to her films and roles). She is in that sense very experimental."  

Neeta Lulla

" In terms of fashion, she has a style statement of her own as whatever she wears she carries it off well. It is an absolute pleasure to be working with her. "  

Neeta Lulla

" It's been an absolute pleasure! Kangana is a person who puts her 100 percent best in all her characters. She leaves it to her technicians who she trusts to be able to create her characterization which helps her play her part the best. It is the trust factor that she had in me that helped me deliver the characterization and gave me a comfort level. I have put in 100 percent because she had trust in me."  

Neeta Lulla

" I think Kangana is an amazing role model. She is eternally stylish. She is always breaking the rules."  

Anaita Shroff Adajania

" Kangana Ranaut is bold fierce and strong. I think Kangana wears the Saree in the most amazing powerful way."  

Ami Patel

" Kangana Ranaut comes on the top. Kangana for sure is someone I love to work for as well and design for as well. I mean she is a go-getter.  She has no godfather just like me. I am here trying to be myself with my hard work and talent. That's why she really inspires me a lot."  

Swapnil Shinde


" Talents are inherent but accomplishments have to be gleaned. May the best be with you. Congratulations and Blessings. Kangana Ranaut."  


"Acting of, people who deliver their lines even like Kangana for that matter...or Vidya.. On the screen when they do such a natural way of acting & I said dude this is another type of skill and talent that these people bring it with them. There is some enigma and screen presence. To dive completely into the character is a just different thing."  

Shreya Ghoshal

"Lately only one girl did rehearsal whose name is Kangana of Tanu Weds Manu. She came for four days and continued rehearsal for Ghani Bawri Ho Gayi. 

Saroj Khan

" I think Bollywood is uncomfortable with women like her. But it is women like her who are the real game changers."  

Shobha De

" Kangana is a warrior and I have always been her admirer."  

Shobha De

" It takes a lot of courage for a woman to speak up about what she has faced. People who know Kangana and I’ve worked with her they know that she is very honest, speaks from her heart, and is straightforward. "

Vivek Oberoi

" I am going to personally talk to Kangana and congratulate her. She is fabulous in the film, she is so natural, she is so gifted and talented. In this film you can see her come into her own, she is so endearing, watchable and this film is beautiful."

Arbaaz Khan

" ALT Balaji has launched a Brahmastra in the form of Kangana on the show. She is the perfect person to host the show. Her frank attitude and courageous nature and the confidence with which she tells people their truth or judges them that is very fair and very real. So kudos to her."

Tusshar Kapoor