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Manikarnika Returns

Manikarnika Returns : The Legends of Didda

Manikarnika Returns : The Legends of Didda

2025 | Epic Period | Drama

CBFC - U  Kangana Ranaut Is Queen Didda   

Manikarnika Returns, a standalone sequel to Manikarnika, is another historical drama, which will bring to celluloid the story of Didda, the warrior queen of Kashmir. The story of Didda ( c. 924 CE – 1003 CE), also known as The Catherine of Kashmir was the ruler of Kashmir from 980 CE to 1003 CE. She first acted as regent for her son and various grandsons from 958 CE to 980 CE, and from 980 CE as sole ruler and monarch. 

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Manikarnika Returns
K V Vijayendra Prasad
Kangana Ranaut
Producer:Kamal Jain
Release Date:2025

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ABOUT Manikarnika Returns

Kangana Ranaut and producer Kamal Jain have teamed up to work on a sequel titled Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda. It would be based on the Kashmiri female ruler Didda. Sources close to the development revealed that the new film will be bigger and mounted on an international scale, adding that the team intends to make a world-class franchise of real-life women heroes.

Didda, the warrior queen of Kashmir, rose above her disability to rule the unified Kashmir, which also included the Lohara kingdom, directly and indirectly for over four decades and took it to glorious heights. She thwarted Mahmud of Ghazni’s attempts to invade Kashmir twice.

Kangana wrote, “Humara bharatvarsh sakshi raha hai Jhansi ki rani jaise kai veeranganao ki kahaani ka. Aisi hi ek aur ankahee veergatha hai Kashmir ki ek rani ki, jisne Mahmud Ghaznavi ko ek nahi, do baar haraya (India has seen several Bravehearts like the queen of Jhansi. Another such untold story of heroism is of a queen from Kashmir, who defeated Mahmud of Ghazni not once but twice in battle).” She will collaborate with producer Kamal Jain for the film.

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