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Welcome to Contributions ! 

This Section is dedicated to the Contribution to the Kangana Nation site. At Kangana Nation, we give readers an opportunity to send their articles, fan pics, videos, collages, art and fan edits, etc. Create content here and share it with the great Kangana Ranaut community.

How to Contribute?

At Kangana Nation,  

You can easily get started with doing Contribution just by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Visit the Google Form and send us your article written in text, pdf, or doc format. 

Follow The Next Steps. “Upload an Article” section. 

2. Once you have uploaded and submitted the form or the article, click on “Submit for Review”. It is strongly recommended to completely check your article before submitting it for review. The articles which are incorrect or promotional or plagiarized may lead to rejection and ultimately won't be featured on the Kangana Nation site.


At Kangana Nation, you can submit your articles. You can write about Queen Kangana Ranaut's life, career, work, latest news, and daily updates and share them with everyone. The Name and Credit for the writer will be given and the best article and content will be published and featured every week on the Kangana Nation website!  ♥️ 

If you like Kangana Nation and would like to contribute, you may submit your article by clicking on the button below:


The Digital Art of Kangana Ranaut and Other Fan Artwork and Posters can be uploaded through this section. The Best Fan made Art will be featured on the Kangana Nation site.  ♥️   


The Best Fan Cams and Fan made edits will be featured on the Kangana Nation site. If you like to contribute to Fan edits and VMs, you can submit your fan cams below -