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Nain Bandhe to Swagathaanjali - Fan Article

Queen Kangana Ranaut recently released lyric video from her upcoming film "Chandramukhi 2" makes me unstoppable to write an article and connect to you all dear fan club.

Hello Kangana fans ,hope you all doing very well. Just saw full lyric video and had goosebumps inspite the fact that it's just a lyric video. The way Kangana steps down the stairs , the walk , the expression, the aura , the look everything is so soothing and glancing that one can't stop themselves to repeat that scene on loop. I have personally watched it more than 10 times it's heavenly mesmerizing. 

We already experienced the accoladed performance in "Nain Bandhe Naino se" in Thalaivii & now "Swagathaanjali" is like boon to us. 

Academy award winner music composer Shri M.M. Keeravani cantante is top notch.
Sreenidhi voice too is melodious and more precisely saying it suited more to KR than her other Tamil films. You agree?

I know you all are now eagerly waiting for full video to out. Have patience it's worth a lot.
Till then have a nice day, nice tweeting (X) , Keep Kangana Ranaut flag high in sky.
See you all 

Article by - The Ministry of Kangana Ranaut.
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