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2023 having Kinship with Queen KR

2023 having Kinship with Queen KR

Hola gorgeous Kangana fans!!!

2023! Yes this 2023 gonna be the year of only Queen of India Cinema ~ Kangana Ranaut 

From Tiku weds Sheru to Emergency to Tejas. Queen will rock hard. The splendid success of TWS in OTT being the first released Film under Manikarnika Production House paved the very first ladder of glorious accolades in lap of KR.

Tejas on other hand ready to land near our cinema halls on 20th October. A film on how woman can achieve anything if she feels herself capable of doing anything which a men can do. This film will also emphasize the problems a woman face while doing such job with family & society norms. We Kangana fans feel proud that she bring such cake in our plate. It will be thrilling experience eagerly every cinema lover waiting for.

That "Indira is India & India is Indira" dialogue in Emergency released date announcement is goosebumps. Everyone around appreciating how she gave a pause in that dialogue, that 1:13 date announcement per se is trending and creating zeal among audience then we can glance what will happen when the actual trailer and film will be on cinema, it will leave us speechless for sure.

 A famous quote'Do your job silently & let your result make noise' this same applies to her. She will shut the mouth of those who deteriorates her image with her performance and success.

Just one demerit that still MONTHS left for her films & specially for her fans it's like every month is a year.

Hope all our Kangana fans are doing great. 

Bonne journée. 

Lots of love to readers. Thank you for reading. 

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