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Kangana wraps shooting her portions for Emergency

Kangana wraps her portions for Emergency

Kangana Ranaut on Saturday announced wrapping her sequences for her much-awaited directorial film Emergency.

Queen K has wrapped her portions as Former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi for Emergency, however, Kangana will continue to shoot the film until she finally wraps the film.

Kangana has penned down an inspiring and heartfelt note and shared it on her social media platforms. Read her note here.

NOTE | Kangana Ranaut's Inspiring Words In Latest Post -Via Instagram - 

  As I wrap Emergency as an actor today…. a tremendously glorious phase of my life comes to its full completion…

It may seem I sailed through it comfortably but the truth is far from it…

From mortgaging all my properties, every single thing that I owned to being diagnosed with dengue during the first schedule and having to film it inspite of alarmingly low blood cell counts, my character as an individual has been severely tested ….

I have been very open about my feelings on SM but I didn’t share all this, honestly because i didn’t want people who cared to worry unnecessarily and those who desperately want to see me fall and were doing everything to make me suffer, i didn’t want to give them the pleasure of my pain ….

At the same time I want to share with you all that if you believe just working hard for your dreams or for what you want is enough, think again because that’s not true …

You must work hard that’s given even if you are worthy you will be tested beyond your limits and you mustn’t break …

Hold on to yourself till you can … you are fortunate if life spares you but you are blessed if it doesn’t…… if you break and shatter in pieces … celebrate…

Because it’s time for you to reborn …

It’s a rebirth for me and I feel alive like never before…

Thanks to my tremendously talented team for making it happen for me …

P.S all those who care about me please know that I am in a safe place now … I would have not shared all this if I wasn’t …please don’t worry, I only need your blessings and love ❤️.”  - Kangana Wrote

Kangana Ranaut On Instagram ---

Kangana Ranaut also shared some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Emergency in the latest Instagram post. Moreover, This is the third and the last scheduled for the film Emergency. Kangana has shot the film at various locations across India. 

Emergency is all set to be wrapped on January 25th. After wrapping Emergency, Kangana will join the cast of Chandramukhi 2 as the next schedule of the film will take off in Hyderabad, next month in February.

Emergency Stars Kangana Ranaut, Anupam Kher, Mahima Chaudhary, Shreyas Talpade. Vishak Nair and Others. And written and directed by Kangna Ranaut, Produced by Renu Pitti & Kangana Ranaut. With Direction of Photography from Multiple César Award Winner Tetsuo Nagata AFC. The film is set to release this year.

Kangana Ranaut also has her first production 'Tiku Weds Sheru', which will soon be released on the Amazon Prime Video VOD Platform. Apart from this, Kangana will also be seen in Tejas where she plays Indian Airforce Pilot, the film is said to be released in Summer. this year.

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